A Imirt Le Solas: To Play With Light

I'm an artist type. My creative tendencies learn towards writing and photography, but I also enjoy meta-cognition and the process of sharing in what others have created. I'm a California native, college educated in Pennsylvania, but airports feel like home. I hope that you enjoy your visit on my page!
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Leakycon 2014, Day 1.

In case you were wondering, MarkDoesStuff was on the Ravenclaw panel today at Leakycon. People were going around talking about fanmerch they’d made and this girl, Amelia, had made a Ravenclaw bow. Somehow, it went on his beard.

Chicago, 2014.

I fed an ostrich in Solvang and it was freaking terrifying!

A gnome on the beach.

My chocolate lab, at the beach.

This Is Where I Went To School (Series, Part 2, 2013)

This Is Where I Went To School (Series, Part 1, 2013)

To be an artist, you have to nurture the things that most people discard.
Richard Avedon, Darkness and Light.

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Empty beer keg in Ireland.